Low maintenance - like what you used in our previous design: Karl Foerster Feather Reed Grass, Boxwoods, Hornbeam, Fine Line Buckthorn, River Birch
Combo of traditional and modern/geometric
Like repetition in plants and minimal look
We hang out in the front when our kids are playing on the grass. We will sit and eat on the patio in the back.
Don't design around the brown house color; we plan to paint it gray

Would like a deck for seating area in the front (since we do spend time out front when the kids are playing)
Like white birch and plan to keep it
Plan for permanent basketball hoop and potential landscaping around it (on east side of driveway)

Suggest a cover on a portion of patio
Expand patio to make fire pit functional
Would like a pathway from patio to back garage door
Consider how to create privacy between our dining room window and neighbor (on east side)
3 raised garden beds anywhere in back
(images we had saved, just to give you a feel for what we like)

like: pathway on side of house

like: combo of traditional/modern

like: privacy hedge

like: clean/minimal landscape

This has a few more plants than we would like, but an example of traditional house with more modern landscape.

like: deck in front with seating area

like: planters on deck

like: lights on deck edge and stone

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